Latin dancers LOVE to post on Instagram.

Instagram is an enormous piece of our lives, in any case !

We need to acknowledge the elephant in the room however – most posts are looking quite comparable nowadays.

Without a doubt, you think your pics are one of a kind, yet as artists in this #commUNITY, we as a whole offer regular interests – it’s inevitable that we have our own patterns.

As frequently asked DM’s, emoji slider polls, and pictures of air pocket showers hash tagged “#metime” are all over the feed of non dancers, here are 10 things that dominates the feed of a Latin dancer in 2018.

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1. Audition/workshop flyers

You have seen them before. Some super ugly some very nice. Latin dancers out there trying to promote their own team, your friend’s team in another city, your great aunt’s workshop, or your ex girlfriend’s breakthrough at the next big competition, there is always going to be room for that ONE flyer.


2. Latin Dance videos

Some of them are really of the hook:

  • videos of you doing the perfect choreo in that one class and oyu trimmed it just before you mess-up. Yes we know !!
  • Video snippet of your new demo video that you are so afraid to post
  • Video of your #GWEPAAA moment even you were secretly really impressed by
  • This one is hillarious. Videos of your team’s last performance that you want to post in 1:1 ratio so that others can see you better, but that would crop out everyone that was blocked on the sides, so you have a short discussion with yourself (what is more important?) until you decide that it is cooler with the full video and it’s not about you anyway.

…and yes, we can keep going for days!

3. Pictures with the throphy

Yes we get it. It is not (only) about the trophy. But if your team does gets one – you better post at least on awesome picture with it!

4. Motivational dance quotes

Because we all need a boost our self esteem and motivation at times.

5. Photoshoot pictures

Latin dancers are most of the time really creative and want to express their creativity in other ways too – photography being an increasingly popular one.

Latin dancers love both taking and being in photos.

I mean, using awful pixelated pictures taken on your phone for your bootcamp flyers is so 2010!

6. Food with the team

Latin dancers eat a lot. And we take pictures of our food like everyone on Instagram.
But not basic #foodporn pics, nah. The dance family should be included in it!

As dancers, we also understand the aesthetics of Instagram, but some times late at night we just forget those and take a picture with the food as long as we are smiling on it

7. Flex and Stretch

As latin dancers we know that flexibility is very important and when are finally able to bend like a reed in the wind we want to show it !!

8. Sweaty videos with dance idols

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When it’s non-stop Bachata with @by_danielsanchez thank you @danielydesireeoficial for your inspiration and output to the world of Dance❤️ #бачатаалматы #бачатавалматы #сальсаалматы #сальсавалматы #bachata #salsainalmaty #bachataalmaty #salsaalmaty #bachatainalmaty #бачата ##bachatasensual #gwepaaa #dance #almaty #алматы #bachatadancers #bachatadancers #socialdancetv @socialdancetv @latindanceworld @lovebachatadance #bachataistakingover #baila #bachatalovers @dancebachata #bachateros @gwepa @bachatadanceworld #latinfeel @latin.feel #bachataspain #bachatafestival #bachatacongress @salsaybachataspain @sexylatindancing @bachata_dancers #dancers #latindancer #baila #socialdanceworld

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9. Show their new dance shoes

Latin dancers and their latin dance shoes are inseparable. And when they got a new pair they have to show it. Do you recognise?

10. Long, Sentimental Post About the #FAM

Mostly with by a team photo or perhaps an artsy, overhead shot of team gear, there’s always going to be a long post about how much he/she loves the team, the #family.

There are our top 10. We know there a lot more.
But what would you like to add to the list?