5 signs you are a good Bachata leader

The mission of Gwepa is to introduce as many people to the happy feeling you get when dancing any (latin) dance. Most of the Latin dances like Salsa and Bachata are danced with a partner. But there’s one thing that all partner dances have in common. It doesn’t matter which of these dances you are learning, one of the greatest things to focus on is how to be a good leader.

The question is often, how do I know I am a good leader. That’s why we made a list of some signs of the “Effects” of being a good leader:

  • Friends and fans will tell you that you make ANY follower you are dancing with, look like a professional dancer.
  • If you make a mistake on the dance floor , the follower will typically apologise, before you even can admit it was your fault.
  • When you start dancing with a follower for the first time, she will have an initial look of terror on her face, which will then be followed by very large smile.
  • Other men competing for the same partners will tend to either ignore you completely, or come to you asking for advice.
  • You will notice that followers (mostly women) will be making a line from across the room, to get a dance, specifically from you.

Did you recognise any of these signs? If not, no worries there is hope

Each of these things has happened to the great leader on the dance floor. And to be clear that it is NOT because of their moves or some ultimate voodoo power. It is simply because they learned how to lead well and you can learn it too! Nobody is born as natural leader who can lead every follower (most of the time women) to stardom on the dance floor, most of them had to learn it. And as said before you can too. Any man or woman can learn. Here are a few things to remember when developing your lead.

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5 signs you are a good Bachata leader