Carlos y Mirella || Tango


In 2011 Mirella and Carlos partnered up together. Since then they make a passionate and beautiful dance couple. With the technical background of Mirella and the experience of Carlos they perfectly fill each other! In The Netherlands they give regular dance classes for several schools. Besides that, they perform and teach all over the county and beyond.

Joao Carlos David have been dancing for most of his life. He was born in Brasil. With his love for dancing, Carlos shares with everyone his great passion for Tango and Samba. He has done shows with the company: Tango & Passion in Brasil. Carlos has spend a big part of his life in Argentina where he had lessons from the big masters of tango. In 2008 he started to teach and perform Argentine Tango in regular cruises of the company Costa Cruises and traveled all the world. Since 2011 he has his career together with Mirella, with who he performs, teach and travel.

Mirella van der Linden have been dancing for almost all her life. She started her passion with ballet in her home town. When Mirella knew that she wanted to be a professional dancer she did audition for the Albeda Dance College in Rotterdam. With great passion and dedication she started her education. After 4 years of training in several dance styles like: Classical Ballet, Modern, jazz, afro, Urban-Pop and more, she graduated in 2011 and started her career as a dancer. She has been dancing for several dinner shows, movies, artists and big events. Now she focused her career 100% on the Argentine Tango together with Carlos.

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