Since he was young, Elias has been very good with his hands, drawing and playing instruments.
He learned to do a variety of things including photography and design. When he moved to the Netherlands, he started studying Marketing & Communication where he fell in love with the visual aspect of marketing: how design and pictures can influence a person’s actions. His interest in multimedia creation grew and he managed to work in various visual productions. After buying his own camera, he started working with the mindset to be a difference in the photography and visual industry. During his internship at GWEPA he found out that he could expand hiss photography skills by joining the Visual Team. He did not hesitate to! Music and visual arts are part of his fuel for a happy life. Being on the dance floor capturing the GWEPA feeling is the place to be for him, so it felt like an honor for him to become part of GWEPA`s Visual Team.

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