#Gwepaaa Mashup – Part 1


#Gwepaaa- More than a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle

Latin Dance is a uniquely social experience, grounded almost entirely in the passion of the music.

The goal and purpose of #Gwepaaa is to share the passion and fun experiences each one of you had. So let’s keep the Latin dance spirit alive. Let’s dance, anywhere, anytime and have a great time. Don’t forget to #Gwepaaa

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What is #Gwepaaa ? What does Gwepa mean?

Since the launch of our first video, people have been asking us about the meaning of “Gwepa”.

Considering the fact that the Hashtag #GWEPAAA has earned some popularity among the latin dancers, we think it’s time to explain it to you all.

#Gwepaaa is a derivative of “WEPA”

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