Coffee Lounge Friday Topic;: Musicality!!

What is it? Is it a marketing ploy by some instructors to make more money or just another way for some dancers to look down on other. Can you really have musicality in Salsa dance if you can’t understand the lyrics? Can, with the current obsession with turn patterns and ladies styling, it fit well with the desire to express oneself musically when salsa dancing with a partner. After all isn’t it all a bit subjective? I mean one person’s musicality is another person’s WTF!

If you have never learnt any other dance before salsa would it be possible for you to have/acquire musicality in your dancing or are you looking at a life of dancing by number 123..567…ad infinitum

I am going to hazard a guess that a lot of people use the word ‘musicality’ and hope nobody asks them to explain. So I am going to ask; What does musicality when salsa partner dancing mean to you?

I am honestly curious.