Salsaddiction bringing home the trophies


After a lot of hard work and dedication, we can proudly say that we have achieved another victory. This time at an international level.




Yes, last weekend we travelled to Torino (Italy) to participate in a successfully growing dance competition. This competition is organized by Federcaribe. We were invited to participate in the Salsa Master Class. Both Group performance and Social dance category. We did what we always strive to do: Show our best performance and deep passion for salsa dancing.




By doing so we managed to win the 1st prize in both groups. With the show we performed only once and this led us right to the big prize. With the social dancing there was 7 rounds. One of our couples manage to the semi-finals and the other two to the finals. Also in this category we won the 1st prize.




This makes Salsaddiction the best performing team in the competition with the two 1st prizes in the master class open groups. We can say that we are very proud about this and a proper celebration with champagne was obvious. What now remains is to continue the hard work to our next achievement.

Our competitors were: Sanne, Lies, Sachalyn, Gintas, Brian and André Representing: Salsaddiction




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Salsaddiction bringing home the trophies