Samba de Gafieira || Anderson Mendes & Brenda Carvalho


“Gwepa ShowTime” with Anderson & Brenda performing their Show Samba de GafIeira at The Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 2013.

Samba de Gafieira (also called Gafieira) is a partner dance to the Brazilian samba musical rhythms.

Samba de Gafieira must be distinguished from the ballroom Samba, danced in International Latin and American Rhythm ballroom dance styles. Gafieira is usually a pair dance, although in artistic performances it is not uncommon to add solo variations, including steps of Samba no Pé.

The style originated from samba dancing in cabarets and gafieiras (hence the name, literally meaning “Samba of gafieira”), primarily in districts of Botafogo, Catete and Centro of Rio de Janeiro. The term gained recognition in 1940s. Over time the style significantly evolved away from the style 1940s under significant influence of Argentine Tango and incorporating many acrobatic elements.

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Camera : Riendy Holder; Ulric Miguel, Jennifer Sint Jago
Editing : Riendy Holder

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