GWEPA and Sharin go back for some time now with Alexis being behind the camera and Sharin in front. As their paths crossed frequently at parties, Sharin’s crazy and mischievous spirit was beautifully shot numerous times on the dancefloor.
While currently recognized as a dancer with Bachata Passion, his roots are actually in salsa where he was trained by TC Dance Company for years and performed with them (see GWEPA videos).
Early 2018 an injury caused him to temporarily put dancing on hold, but the GWEPA feeling burnt from within. Because of this he purchased some (lots of) camera equipment and started exploring life from the other side.
Proud to join the GWEPA visual team you can count on him to develop his photography skills till perfection and beyond. While you are smiling and enjoying your dance, Sharin is now out there to capture this GWEPA moment to remember.

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