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GWEPA is looking for Latin dance fanatics, who like to share their experiences about the Latin dance world with others. We would love to hear and see your personal stories, opinions, reviews, and re-share it with the world. These may include, for example;

  • video’s of workshops
  • video’s of shows
  • video’s of social dances
  • The reason why you dance salsa, bachata, zouk, kizomba, merengue or any other form of Latin dance
  • The reason why you choose to go to certain parties/congresses/workshops
  • The struggle to find the perfect outfit including the shoes
  • The experience of going to international congresses
  • How you rehearse/party
  • Who you rehearse or party with
  • Your experiences on the dancefloor
  • If you’re a pro dancer, how you keep your focus
  • Your passion for dance
  • What triggers the #Gwepaaa feeling in you
  • How you feel just before, during and after a show.

Do you feel the urge to share all of the above mentioned with the world? Are you as excited as us to start sharing them? Don’t hesitate and let’s start sharing this #Gwepaaa feeling by filling in this form or by emailing us at

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