This is Gwepa – young and creative video production house


Gwepa is a young and creative video production house.We generate great ideas and deliver engaging visual experiences for our clients and their customers. We create videos, mostly branding and promotions for Latin events and Latin dance groups. We aim to set the standard for professional video production, motion graphics and animation in Latin dance world. 

The meaning of the word Gwepaaa ?

| Hue-Pa |

Gwepa is an exclamation of joy , often heard in Colombia, Venezuela and other parts of Latin America. Shout out Gwepa and make sure you remember it.

Gwepa.. Gwepa.. Gwepaaaaa..

Did it stick yet?

Are you a latin fanatic, professional dancer, or just a salsa, bachata, zouk or all latin dances lover, then is the place for you. On you can find video reports of Latin events, unique dance videos, vibrant representations of parties, basically Latin dance as an Art.

Join Gwepa, the revolution in the Latin events and dance world.

The revolution in Latin dance and events videos.


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