Top 10 reasons why people give up salsa?

Why do people give up salsa for good or at least temporarily?

It’s no secret that we all dance for diverse reasons. Some of us dance because of the love of music, just something you always wanted to do, saw a friend once at a wedding party getting down and dirty on the dancefloor, inspiration from an old movie, nothing better to do on a Friday evening, as a way to a better social life, love life, married life who knows why?

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The question is: Why do people give up on dancing salsa? These are the top 10 reasons why people give up on salsa.

1. Relationships. People who start a relationship with someone who could not care less about dancing.

2. Boredom. Few places to choose from, and repetition of the same venue.

3. Environment. Dissatisfaction for the salsa ambiance. People who find in it a dominant group culture, elistism and snobbery.

4. Children. People who have children… they have the tendency of leaving the scene once they become parents.

5. Bad Break Up. People who have a relationship in the local scene that ends badly.

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6. Job. People who have a more demanding job and don’t have the time to go to late night events, not to mention dance classes.

7. Other interests. Some pople were never really infected with the salsa “virus” or never became salsaholics and disappear simply because “they have better things to do”.

8. Not Comfortable. People find it hard to dance and are not really comfortable with the close contact with strangers.

9. Crazyness. Because they are crazy, MAD, why would you give up salsa? pffffffff

10. Kizomba / bachata / other hypes!

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What’s your point of view?

Top 10 reasons why people give up salsa?