GWEPA is a modern and creative visual production company. We generate noteworthy ideas while delivering captivating images and film that provide an engaging visual experience for our clients and their customers. From concept to finalization, we entertain and educate the audience by essentially branding and promoting performers, dance concepts, Latin music, Latin events, striving to set the standard for professional visual production and inspire everyone in the world of Latin dance.


The GWEPA HQ are based in the Netherlands. Our team aims to provide the best visuals for your Latin dance event. Not only in The Netherlands, but also Internationally. No event is the same, so our personal approach is what makes us unique. Moreover it’s our understanding of the Latin scene is what makes the visuals we capture stand out. We put our heart and our soul into everything we do to deliver the best visuals for your concept. That is our passion. That is #GWEPAAA.

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Maria Profillidou – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Maria started with photography when she was 22 years old. From the start, she was busy photographing at Latin parties like Summer Breeze and Kizomba Domingo in Amsterdam. During one of her biggest jobs, Amsterdam International Salsa Congress in 2014, she met Alexis, the head photographer of GWEPA. After taking a break from photography for one year, she purchased her own photography equipment in 2017 and came in touch with Alexis again. She became part of the GWEPA family and has been improving ever since!
As a professional all-round dance teacher she knows exactly how a dancer moves and feels. She translates this into stunning pictures. Especially for kizomba, her favorite dance style. She feels the GWEPA when the music paints that smile on a dancer’s face and she can capture that enthusiasm through the lens of her camera.


Vera Wilders – Wageningen, Netherlands

From a young age, the love for creativity and dance has flown through her blood. Throughout her youth she used to draw and paint, but in Spring 2017 she found her new outlet in photography.
She is still in university and ‘coincidentally’ came in touch with GWEPA a few months after buying her first camera. Her journey of finding Afro-Latin dance and GWEPA has felt like a path to (re)discovering herself. She now fills her free time with her passion for the GWEPA community, working hard to make it grow and to spread the inspiration and joy to as many souls as possible.
She loves it when her photographs tell the beautiful and captivating stories of the social dance floor. For her, that is the ultimate GWEPA feeling. You can find her right there on the dance floor, photographing or dancing with you.


Darryl Chakawri – Tilburg, Netherlands

For Darryl, it all started in The Hague where he studied Industrial Design Engineering. Passionate as he is, he kept developing his visual artistry, bought his first camera and did his very first jobs. His passion for dancing flourished thanks to his friends, who encouraged him to start taking lessons. Not to forget, he continued to work on his photography skills to become a GWEPA photographer.
Now Darryl is happily sharing the dancefloor with you and taking pictures to capture your GWEPA mood on the dancefloor! When the lights are right, his camera is all set and you make a beautiful dance move: his heart goes “Aaaaiiii!!! GWEPAAA!” He enjoys every bit of that. Especially when it’s about his favorite dance style, bachata sensual.


Farley Lukkien – Delft, Netherlands

Farley grew up surrounded by music. GWEPA was in between his ears before he knew what it was. Now, he dances to everything: salsa, kizomba and bachata. Kizomba is his favorite. It’s the intimacy and the smile. It lets two souls connect; two fires merge and become one.
In photography, his main focus is to capture the GWEPA feeling of dancers on camera. That is expression. His main goal is to make you, the viewer, excited to go to the next party and dance! Express yourself and have FUN!
Feel free to approach him and ask to get your picture taken. He won’t bite…. we promise.

BP koppels 2018 jun-5497

Elias Maria – The Hague, Netherlands

Since he was young, Elias has been very good with his hands, drawing and playing instruments. He learned to do a variety of things including photography and design. When he moved to the Netherlands, he started studying Marketing & Communication where he fell in love with the visual aspect of marketing: how design and pictures can influence a person’s actions. His interest in multimedia creation grew and he managed to work in various visual productions. After buying his own camera, he started working with the mindset to be a difference in the photography and visual industry.
During his internship at GWEPA he found out that he could expand hiss photography skills by joining the Visual Team. He did not hesitate to! Music and visual arts are part of his fuel for a happy life. Being on the dance floor capturing the GWEPA feeling is the place to be for him, so it felt like an honor for him to become part of GWEPA`s Visual Team.


Sharin Shri – Gouda, Netherlands

GWEPA and Sharin go back for some time now with Alexis being behind the camera and Sharin in front. As their paths crossed frequently at parties, Sharin’s crazy and mischievous spirit was beautifully shot numerous times on the dancefloor.
While currently recognized as a dancer with Bachata Passion, his roots are actually in salsa where he was trained by TC Dance Company for years and performed with them (see GWEPA videos).
Early 2018 an injury caused him to temporarily put dancing on hold, but the GWEPA feeling burnt from within. Because of this he purchased some (lots of) camera equipment and started exploring life from the other side.
Proud to join the GWEPA visual team you can count on him to develop his photography skills till perfection and beyond. While you are smiling and enjoying your dance, Sharin is now out there to capture this GWEPA moment to remember.


Jay Schipper – The Hague, Netherlands

Jay has been creative since he was young. He always tried to learn as much as possible about technology, he is studying media and entertainment management and thats how he came in touch with photography and videography. He enjoyed it from the start. He became a photographer without any knowledge about it, a few weeks later he learned everything about his camera. He still tries to improve himself everyday. He loves how happy people are by dancing. The most important thing is to make people smile and he loves how GWEPA does that.