GWEPA is a modern and creative visual production company. We generate noteworthy ideas while delivering captivating images and film that provide an engaging visual experience for our clients and their customers. From concept to finalization, we entertain and educate the audience by essentially branding and promoting performers, dance concepts, Latin music, Latin events, striving to set the standard for professional visual production and inspire everyone in the world of Latin dance.


The GWEPA HQ are based in the Netherlands. Our team aims to provide the best visuals for your Latin dance event. Not only in The Netherlands, but also Internationally. No event is the same, so our personal approach is what makes us unique. Moreover it’s our understanding of the Latin scene is what makes the visuals we capture stand out. We put our heart and our soul into everything we do to deliver the best visuals for your concept. That is our passion. That is #GWEPAAA.

Maria Profillidou

Maria Profillidou – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Maria started with photography when she was 22 years old, now 4 years ago. From the start she was busy photographing at Latin parties like Summer Breeze and Kizomba Domingo in Amsterdam. She collaborated with JJ Photography for two years, before joining GWEPA. During one of her biggest jobs, at Amsterdam International Salsa Congress in 2014, she met Alexis, the head photographer of GWEPA. After seperating from JJ Photography in 2016, she took a break from photography for one year. After purchasing her own photography equipment in 2017 and coming in contact with Alexis again, she became part of GWEPA and keeps improving her skills ever since.

Vera Wilders

Vera Wilders – Wageningen, Netherlands

From a young age, the love for creativity has flown through her blood. While currently studying at university, she tries to fill all her spare time with her passion for art. Throughout her youth she used to draw and paint, but in Spring 2017, she found her visual outlet in photography.
She loves to create images you wouldn’t see with the bare eye; to play with light and its shadows; to tell the captivating stories of the social dance floor. You can find her at Afro-Latin events as either a GWEPA photographer or of course, social dancing. Oh and not to forget: she is one of the guest-bloggers at¬†

Darryl Chakawri

Darryl Chakawri – Tilburg, Netherlands

It all started in The Hague where Darryl studied Industrial Design Engineering. Afterwards he picked up photographing as an amateur and did some small jobs. But he still remained a passionate product designer so he moved to North-Brabant for his new job and life. Within his line of work he continued his photographing skills to become a photographer for GWEPA. Prior to that he developed a passion for dancing thanks to some of his friends who encouraged him to start taking lessons. Now Darryl is happily sharing the dancefloor with you and taking pictures trying to capture your GWEPA mood on the dancefloor!.

Farley Lukkien

Farley Lukkien – Delft, Netherlands

In his spare time, Farley is a freelance photographer taking pictures for GWEPA in the Latin dance event photography scene. His main focus is capturing expression of dancers on camera. His goal is to make the viewers of his work excited to go out on the latin dance scene to dance, express themselves and more importantly to have fun!

Farley is always open for a chat and photo opportunity. so if you spot him at a Latin dance event near you, feel free to walk up to him and ask to take your picture. He won’t bite…. we promise.