Afro Cuban Dance Masterclass & 1st Social

With this masterclass Mayarí Dance Experience gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of dance!!
Why Afro Cuban? Because here lies the root of salsa. This class will give you history also information on the many differences between Rumba or Orisha dance. Do you know Ochun, Obatala? What are the movements with every Orisha?
This Class will be presented by Lieke Reyes, a very energetic and fun dancer and with great knowledge of this form of dance!

After the class we wil hold our FIRST Mayarí Dance Social with great music and ambience giving u the opportunity to try out stuff you learned earlier!

Time: Class 14:00 -16:00, Social 16:00-18:00
Price: 20,-
Level: All
Clothing: comfortable clothes so movement comes easy!!
Sign up: click on sign up!

And most important of all come with an open mind to learn and connect!


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Afro Cuban Dance Masterclass & 1st Social