Connection on the dancefloor

A dancer’s knowledge and execution of dance can be influenced and enriched by being introduced to new or different approaches to movement. Mayarí Dance Experience is committed to being a powerful influence and aid in expanding your knowledge of movement, in your quest to become a more well rounded and unique dancer.

New Masterclass:

Video explanation for the upcoming event in Dutch 😉

Posted by Mayarí Dance Experience on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The next masterclass is all about engaging you as a dancer in thinking differently and experiencing connection on the dancefloor.
As always, Mayarí Dance Experience will approach the masterclass from a different exciting angle. One of the problem many dancers encounter while dancing is the connection he or she makes with the dance partner. For example while doing a combination of turn patterns you lose connection with the hands or there is too much tension or no tension at all! Or both dancers fails to feel energy or create the right energy.

This masterclass is all about helping you as a dancer to connect through recognition of what’s happening physically and energywise with your dance partner.

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Connection on the dancefloor