Introducing Mayarí Dance Experience

Gwepa proudly introduces to you a new collaboration with the very talented Tim Alberto from Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Tim Just launched his new concept called Mayarí Dance Experience.

For more than a decade of dancing, teaching and performing salsa, Tim was searching for a way to share this passion in a way that he believes will be more of an experience than just a class or workshop.

Back then, as a dancer Tim wanted to be unique in how he expresses himself while dancing and that same applies to the way he teaches. And he still does. That is what Mayarí Dance Experience’s aim is, to engage students/dancers in the same way of thinking and experiencing the dance of salsa.

With this concept Tim wants to be a positive influence in the salsa dancing scene for the long term.

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The purpose of Mayarí Dance Experience;

Mayarí Dance Experience’s purpose is to engage dancers in a different way of experiencing the art of salsa dancing. Mayarí Dance Experience strongly believes that there are endless possibilities for a dancer to connect to music through dance and with these possibilities creating freedom of expression while dancing.

We will be sharing Mayarí Dance Experience’s thoughts, blogs and challenges with you in a very interactive way.

For now…

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Introducing Mayarí Dance Experience