Why Crush On Dance Instructor is the 51st Shade of Grey

I’ve had strong feelings for my dance instructor for a very long time. Almost from the moment I first met him…

We are the same age, we click really well, and because he’s so nice, I’m in love. I wish I could stop my feelings for him, but it’s so hard, I can’t.

It’s against the rules to date or meet any of the instructors outside of the studio. I feel like he may like me, but I get confused. Sometimes he seems interested, but then he gets distant.

Maybe I am just imagining that he may like me because instructors are usually so nice and treat their students the best? But I know for sure that we have more than just student teacher relationship, because we’ve developed a friendship and we also like to talk about things other than dance.

Think about it. A man and a woman, doing dips and turns, moving their hips around, making incredibly sexy gestures. Not to mention the fact that my teacher usually has to get pretty intimate with my body in order to give instructions to the rest of the class. At some point giving instructions in that way just flows naturally for a dance instructor. That’s why I want to be a absolutely sure I’m not letting my instructor’s (outrageously sexy) instructions confuse me into thinking that he is falling for me.

Has anybody ever been in the same situation? What should I do? I like him so much, but it hurts me because I don’t know if we will ever be more than just student and teacher.

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Why Crush On Dance Instructor is the 51st Shade of Grey