DJ Tinta, actually my name is Dave. I’m 36 years old and I was born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland. If you ask me, I have the heart of a Latino.

Why do I dance?

I dance because it gives me a great feeling. My heart and soul are being fed 24/7 by music and dance, which floats right through my veins. That’s why my heart is functioning so well.

The ultimate feeling of freedom it gives. It’s a fact, that when you dance, all your problems are being forgotten at the moment. This all because of the sounds of the instruments combined with vocals, beautiful lyrics and great artists. What I also like is that you can share your passion with the other dancers. Actually it’s too much to describe how big my love for music and dance is. Anyway, to me, you’re a dancer and you love music, or not. There’s nothing to add to it, it’s just in your blood.

I dance for about 27 years now, maybe more. I did a lot of different styles of dancing. I started off with show dancing: ballet, street dance, Hip Hop and other styles. I fell in love with salsa about six years ago when I first visited Salsa Lounge at Hotel Arena. I had not danced for a while and at that time I ended up in a difficult situation. I think I was meant to be there, at that particular place and time. The Latin vibe took me in and as I was watching all the dancing and happy people I felt the adrenaline go through my entire body. I felt the dancer in me was coming back.

My journey started that night and I am proud where I am at this moment. My passion as a dancer is even as my job as a DJ: to share a great night with the crowd. That’s my way of life.

I love the fact that music and dance don’t judge you as a person: who you are, what your looks are and it don’t differentiate people.

That’s what makes it so extra special, to me of course.

The Latin dance evolution of DJ Tinta