Let’s talk about Kizomba || Coffee Lounge Special

Over the last 12 months, I have seen less and less of a dance that is beautiful to watch and more and more of dark rooms full of people dry humping. That’s not an issue but what I don’t understand and maybe somebody can help me out here is; What drives the continual popularity of Kizomba? Especially at Salsa Congresses?

I listen to Kizomba music more than I do Salsa Music (C4 Pedro being one of my favourites) so unlike some Salseros I actually love the music. My observation is that its growth is driven by women, women on the salsa scene defecting. I don’t blame them if it is because of the love of the music and to experience this beautiful dance but is the dance they get what they really expected it to be.

Let's talk Kizomba

The Salsa scene has had Merengue and Bachata to contend with before but unlike these other two, Kizomba actually splits the scene (IMHO) as more and more people are just doing Kizomba. I can’t remember many ‘Bachata only’ Congresses until the successes of Kizomba/Sensual Congresses/Festivals. Am I wrong here?

Or am I looking at this wrong way and should note the increased popularity of the other African dances as well like Semba and Kudro which altogether contribute to the growth in Sensual Festivals rather than just Kizomba/Taraxina.

Written by: Olu Olu

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Let’s talk about Kizomba || Coffee Lounge Special