Meaning of GWEPA

Since the launch of our platform, people have been asking us about the meaning of “GWEPA”.

What is #GWEPAAA ? What does GWEPA mean?

Considering the fact that the #GWEPAAA feeling has earned some popularity among the latin dancers, we think it’s time to explain it to you all.

#GWEPAAA is a derivative of “WEPA and means something different depending on how you use it. If you are having fun you scream GWEPAAA (WEPA), to say “yeah baby I’m loving it”. If you see someone who dances incredible you say, GWEPAAA to acknowledge his/her talent. When you see an attractive person you can say GWEPAAA, to recognize his/her beauty. The salseros also refer to GWEPA in the sense of celebration “Hooray”.

According to the Puertoricans this shout originates in Puerto Rico. If you know a Puertorican listen carefully to their expressions. A wepa might automatically pop out. you can even use it when someone makes a mistake, someone might shout out GWEPAAA referring to their action.

The shout goes with just about any emotion. Even when you are surprised by someone you can say wepa nene, as in woohoo you scared me. We even know some people that usually use it to mean: “wooooohooooo, you go girl/guy”
An exclamation of joy , often heard in Colombia, Venezuela and other parts of Latin America. Shout out GWEPA and make sure you remember it.
You yell it at high volumes in a nasal manner, especially after something that is celebrated. “GWEPA” normally means, “All right! Good job! Congratulations! Yeah!”

When saying, “GWEPA!,” you must hold the “e” for the longest amount of time, and “a” for just as long. Variations are also acceptable.


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Meaning of GWEPA