So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Auditions Isabel Freiberger


Isabel Freiberger is really an amazing dancers. We are not the only one to think this.

After her appearance on the TV show “So you think you can dance America” there was allot of positive comment on her dancing skills.

Baltimore Sun “Isabel Freiberger is a salsa dancer and her non-auditioning partner is a guy I SWEAR we’ve seen either partner with an auditioner or audition himself in past seasons. They’re dancing salsa and it’s a trick-filled routine. The tricks look good, though, and the transitions are clean. For reasons I don’t understand, she’s sent through to choreography instead of being sent straight through to Las Vegas.”

Mercury News “Isabel Freiberger and her partner were next to show off their ballroom moves with tricks and fancy footwork. It was an amazing salsa, but she was sent to choreography to show her skill with other dance styles. She may have relied on too many tricks in her routine, because after she didn’t do well in choreography, she was sent home.”

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