Day 8: Spotting


Yay! Forget your body existsfrom below the shoulders. You won’t need it today. We are focusing our attention on spotting. Why? Because it is ESSENTIAL. You can get away with not spotting for single turns, but I certainly don’t recommend it. Mastering your spot will take you to great lengths in your spins. Your spot will aid in not getting dizzy, your balance, and maintaining power and speed in multiple turns and spins. All in all, spotting is a MUST!So, just like everything else, you should dedicate some focused time and energy to training and polishing your spot. When you have a sharp and level spot, you get a sharp and level spin.In this exercise I’m showing, I want you to really focus on your head and shoulders remaining level. Do your best not to tilt your head or your shoulders. Once you master the fundamentals of spotting, then you can go on to do more advanced movements with your head, shoulders and body while spinning ( ex. Head rolls, head tilts, body angles while spinning). But, again, it is ALWAYS good (necessary, really) to go back and master, train and re-train the fundamentals. Without the fundamentals the flashy stuff means nothing.


  • Don’t worry about your feet, just march around your turns.¬†
  • Keep your head and shoulders level at all times. Do your best not to let your head tilt. It’s harder than it sounds.
  • Snap your head from one shoulder to the next and feel as your body follows right behind with momentum.
  • Literally find a SPOT to look at so that when your turn that is all you notice. If you see something else you are likely suffering from double spot syndrome (yeah I just made that up, but it’s no good!)
  • Body. Head. Head. Body. ( Body starts. Head stays. Head snaps. Body follows).
  • DON’T look down.
  • Spot on and say goodbye to dizziness!

Shoes are @burjushoes “Onyx.”
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