Sueco & Johanna || Dancers Profile

  • Couple name: Sueco & Johanna
  • Dance styles: Bachata
Their real names are Alejandro Luis Gil Lindström and Johanna Rosanna Novas Pérez.
Alejandro (Sueco) was born in Sweden, but grew up in Spain, Madrid. For the long time he professionally danced Colombian salsa, participated in competitions and performed together with his partner. Until he falled in love with the Dominican Bachata! Alejandro adored bachata music since he heard it for the first time at the age of 16, but he started to dance it not long ago but very passionate!

Johanna was born in Santo-Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. She absorbed the music with mothers milk and danced from her childhood! It’s hard to find the same musical, flexible, and sensitive partner as Johanna! Together with Alejandro she performed in colombian salsa shows, and during last few years teaches dominican bachata.
Alejandro and Johanna participated in competitions organized by Dominican Embassy in Madrid and got prizes.
Being not that well known, Sueco and Johanna are very high-potential yong instructors, that have very good personal style!
As they say: “We dance because we love it, and our mission is to present bachata in the best way to the people of Europe.

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Sueco & Johanna || Dancers Profile