5 Secrets How To Evolve Into An Incredible Dancer


 1. Perfecting the smaller movements can make all the difference.

If you really want to be considered “incredible,” your dancing must be expressive, beyond the basic technique and it should appear effortless. You may not be one of the most naturally talented dancers, but you can compensate for that by spending hours practicing the small things. Focus on your small movements; the smaller parts of the routine, or on how you can better connect with your partner in all the right ways. If you really love dancing, it won’t seem like work, but rather give you an amazing sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve accomplished something that can make a huge difference.

 2. Keep pushing yourself even if you feel like you’re getting worse, not better. 

What commonly happens among dancers is that in the beginning you seem to be getting better all the time – until you plateau. From then on, no matter how much you practice you don’t feel any improvement. My advice is – don’t give up. The truth is that most dancers are far from reaching their potential when they first plateau. They may not realize it internally, but from someone looking on from the outside, they are improving. When you reach a certain level of intensity in your training, you become more aware of your body and start focusing in on your flaws, perhaps it’s your posture or balance or any number of other things. When this happens, you feel as if your dancing is getting worse, when in fact you’re actually getting better. If you keep this in mind you won’t be so inclined to throw in the towel. You’ll force yourself to push on in the knowledge that you are improving and on the way to becoming an incredible dancer. Hang on to your motivation and you will get there one day.

 3. Do not lose your humility.

This may seem simplistic, but this applies to any type of art or craft and it especially applies to dancing with a partner: Never be so bold as to think you have learned everything there is to know. Keep practicing and learning as much as you can. Sincerely respect the achievements of others, whether in your own style of dancing or in a totally foreign style. Do not worry about looking like a fool when trying out something new. Have you ever watched a Latin dancer try out street dancing? It’s funny just thinking about it. You can always learn something new from others. When you’re dancing with a partner, do not assume for one minute that you’re the better dancer. When problems arise, they always stem from both your movements in combination. Work out the problems together without accusing your partner of “doing it wrong.” This offers a more productive way of dealing with any issues and keeps you from behaving like a jerk. To look great dancing together, you need to be in harmony together and have a solid partnership. 


4. The idea is to express yourself in your dancing, not impress others.

Get out on the dance floor and express yourself with all your heart. Every move you make should be intended to evoke a certain emotion. If you feel that emotion within you, and reflect those feelings in your delivery, you’ll look amazing. Do not worry about impressing anyone. Just express yourself.

 5. Remain open to new styles of dancing.

Dancing is an ever-evolving art and you need to appreciate this and stay open to new moves and new ideologies. No two dancers are alike, each one has his or her own approach and each dancer develops his or her own signature move. You should definitely stick to your own moves and style, but I do encourage you to remain open to picking up new moves and whatever else you can from the styles of other creative dancers.

Want to learn more? Lets take some action…

These five steps will certainly be a great way to get you started on the right path. But in order to guarantee success, you need a well structured and set-out plan. Where do you start? What do you need to do?  It can be a daunting task setting up a plan from scratch, so we have created a 22 Step Action Plan with all the tips, tricks and secrets needed to help you become the incredible dancer you want (and have the ability) to be.  Click the link below to download and start your journey today.

22 action plan -how to become a better dancer

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5 Secrets How To Evolve Into An Incredible Dancer