What’s Condoms Got to Do with Salsa?

Sometimes you read an article and you feel the urge to share it. This is one of those articles.

Originally written by: JJ Wong

 The night is young. Music bumping, percussive heat and beautiful bodies grooving to sensual rhythms. Everybody’s salsa dancing their hearts out. Sabor! Sabrosura!

It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…

Hold up. It’s not what you think.

Salsa dancing is fantastic. It’s sleek, sexy and full of challenge and opportunity to grow and develop as a person. It’s superb exercise and it’s social, but that’s not why people come back again and again.  We sacrifice sleep, sanity and drive insane hours for crazy dance congresses…

As spoken by true Cuban Rumberos.


“Dance is the fountain where I quench my body’s thirst for movement.”

We love dancing. We love that magical feeling completely in the moment.

Lost in flow. Totally present and truly alive. Whether you’ve got fourteen left feet, a few moves in your pocket or have been dancing for years. Here’s a concept that will propel your leading and following skills to another planet.


You’ll meet all sorts of dancers on your journey. Joyous, forceful, playful, rough, musical, light, assertive, confident, shy, serious, confused, sly, humorous, deadpan, cloud-like dancers.

The key is adapting and responding in a way allowing you to enjoy all kinds of leads and follows. No matter how heavy or light they are. No matter how beginner or advanced they are.

Versatility, adaptability, and responsiveness is the secret sauce.



This is where condoms come in.

“You must be elastic, responsive, like condoms…When you apply condom-elastic-stretching on the dance floor, you can comfortably adapt to any kind of dance partner. Condoms promote intimate connection. Become like condoms my friend.”


– Bruce Wee (Bruce Lee’s imaginary twin)

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What’s Condoms Got to Do with Salsa?