The annoying things people say or do at Salsa?

Time to vent! Share those annoying things that really irritate you at salsa. I know a lot of you have things about salsa you want to get off your chest, things that continually bug you about salsa. Go on, Knock yourself out….

A few of mine:

1) DJ’s who pitch up or down songs when you have already started dancing to them!! Stop that sh*t! And yes we did notice!

2) People asking you to teach them how to dance On 2 on Saturday night on the dance floor at a congress!!!! Pay for classes, cheapskate!!!

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3) Death by Ladies styling – I think this one is self explanatory!

4) Lazy Leaders – Leads that barely move when they are dancing. They constantly put followers into multi-spin but barely move their own feet. They run through the A to Z of salsa moves in three and a half minutes but all the while hardly moving from the spot. The follower is made to run around all over the dance floor like a lizard on Havana rum !

Okay, I’ll get some coffee now/……..

Written by: Olu Olu

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The annoying things people say or do at Salsa?