Teddy’s 30 day shoe challenge has got me thinking about Salsa footwear. I also remembered that Red said that she had about 100 pairs of dance shoes??? Seriously??? That’s a tad excessive! I normally have only 3 pairs including 2 pairs of jazz shoes but lately I have acquired a few more pairs. Thanks to Shems, who gets me some reasonably priced dance shoes that can also be worn for none salsa occasions (from Tunisia). So, how many dance shoes do you have in your closet? The general assumption is that the ladies will have more than the guys. But let’s see if that’s true.

While we are on this subject, how many of you ask yourself these following questions: ‘Can I dance in these? ‘When are you buying new clothes? ‘What makes a piece of clothing item danceable? With me it’ll be more like: ‘Will I sweat more than normal in these when I am dancing?’ LOL

Salsa Wear