Dance Etiquette

Friday Coffee Lounge Topic: Dance Etiquette

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the Friday Coffee Lounge. Incidentally, the first topic was actually on a Thursday and not a Friday and it was about DJ’s not getting paid. Are they getting paid yet?

We have covered a variety of salsa related topics over the year but I keep getting requests for repeat of some of the topics we already covered. So, today I will do my first repeat and it will be a topic that is currently getting talked about a lot online – Dance Etiquette. Funso was one of the latest to Coffee Loungers to suggest this topic last week.

_MG_2493 Latin Circus Pinkster Party - Next Latin Circus 25 dec 2014

This time, we should look at it somewhat differently since everybody labors under the delusion that they have faultless Dance Etiquette and essentially others are to blame. I think we all at some point and to different degrees are also guilty of the odd Dance Etiquette transgression. So rather than whinge about it today lets help each other out and share how we look out for each other on the dance floor, what should be acceptable behavior towards each other when we transgress and what bad habits we have had in the past and what we have done/or doing about it to minimize any negative impact on other dancers whilst on the the dance floor.

Dance Etiquette