Salsa Friends

How real are our friendships in Salsa?

Salsa, bachata kizomba or any other Latin Dance events are a peculiar environment where we are usually:

  • happy,
  • high on endorphins
  • and quite possible drunkish

But will your Salsa friends be there when the going gets tough? When you are in your onesies and it seems all the world’s weight is on your shoulders. Are we all nice to each other because we are brought together by circumstance rather than by choice? I mean, I can’t think of any other circumstances where I’d voluntarily hang out with so many IT peeps

Salsa Friends laughing together

I must admit though, that 99.5% of my friends are Salsaseros and the other 0.5% must think I am totally crazy! Some of my Salsa friends I have known for years, over 10 years! I have been on holidays with my salsa friends and happily hang out with them just normally. But really it has got to the point where I am just suspicious of people who are not clave conscious

Anyway what do you think? Salsa friends?

On the other hand there are people out there who are having some trouble making salsa friends. Let me be clear here; by salsa friends I mean people with whom you can talk about salsa, the music, what they are working on, what they find hard, which places they plan to go dance, which song is their favorite, what part of the music they are trying to understand etc. etc. Basically a live version of a salsa forum.

Some believe that finding someone who is interested in all of this is pretty hard. Or the ones who are like this are way too advanced for a beginner. Because let’s be honest, learning and growing with a group of friends is one of the joys of Latin dance. Right?

How did you guys find friends like this?  
Please let me know in the comment box below… 

Written by: Olu Olu

Salsa Friends