Day 26: Styled Right Turns


This is when things start to get fun. Today we are going back to the beginning of the challenge, but this time we are adding some more complex movements with the feet. I know the title says “styled” right turns and that usually implies arm movements, but I am going to tell you a little secret. I hate arm styling. I do arm styling 90% of the time out of necessity. I have to get my arm out of the way, make it look nice. I need momentum in my turn, make it look nice. SO, today’s “styled” turns really mean styling with the feet. I believe that you dance from the floor up, with your footwork and your body movement, the arms are the LAST priority and sometimes even get in the way. NOW, that is my opinion and by no means the only way. What is YOUR opinion on arms? I would love to hear it.

For today you can try one of my variations or make up your own. The options are pretty much limitless. I’m not going to get technical here because we are past that now. We have entered the realm of CREATIVITY!! Use this as a safe place to try something new. If you want my feedback just ask! Send me a private message or tag me in a comment in my video!

Have fun!!!!

Shoes are @burjushoes “Trionyx”

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