Day 27: Styled Left Turns

It has been an introspective kind of day, so I’ve got my Radiohead on and I’m really feeling the power and mystery of my @burjushoes “Moonstone” shoes and the magic of my @teekigram “Deer Medicine” pants. Love it!
So today is really the same thing as yesterday. Go back and study the day we went over left hand turns and just PLAY!! I mean it.
Have fun, enjoy, create. Don’t get caught up in the technical, get caught up in the flow, the fun, the ingenuity. Who cares if you mess up, that is usually where greatness comes from anyway. Love you all for sticking through this challenge, we are almost there!! I will definitely be dong more challenges, so stay tuned.
Spread the word, my lovelies!
Let’s see if we can get some guys on board! Also I will be working on a lot of tutorial videos so stay tuned for those as well!!
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