Day 5: Right turn then left turn


So for this move we are continuing our training of changes in direction, except that we are stepping it up a notch. A big notch.

Seriously, this is hard so don’t let yourself get frustrated. That is the whole point of training, so that we can push ourselves past out limits in order to improve. The reason this is so hard is because it is fast and you have no steps in between to recover. You do a full right turn and then go STRAIGHT in to a full left turn. Do your best to get around and keep your good technique in tact.

That means:

  • Keep your feet turned out especially on the forward steps before each turn!! No lazy feet!
  • Pick up your feet! We are stepping everything out. These are NOT spins, they are turns. So keep stepping and keep dancing. You should be pivoting on ONE foot for each turn.
  • NO PREPPING! That is the same as the previous tip, but it is important so I’m saying it in another way. Step everything out! It’s really hard to do but that what makes you better!

As always if you want to throw something else in there, by all means have fun. I’m doing this for you, so you should too. Alright good luck and let me know how it goes!!

I’m featuring the @burjushoes “Moonstone” again.

Lovely. #salsaspins #salsachallenge #doyouburju #steppingthingsupanotch #bescaredforwhatcomesnext

Ok I got a little silly with the hashtags, but seriously, get ready for day 6 because it will be no joke. Things are about to get serious. 🙂