Day 4 – Half Right/Left


Today’s challenge move is a half right turn followed DIRECTLY by a half left turn. Think of this move as two pivots, not even turns. This is a great exercise to practice changes in direction. If you work on this move you will be working your balance, your control in turning (because you have to control stopping the turn half way through), weight change, direction change, and AGILITY! That is my favorite one. I love moves that really challenge my agility in my feet and my overall balance. When I train moves like this one, I feel like I am doing salsa suicides in a way, I get to one point and immediately have to change directions to go back the other way AND then I do it all over again! If you don’t feel the burn in your feet, ankles and calves you aren’t working hard enough!! 

Remember to:

  • Push through the floor to get the traction you need for those quick changes in direction
  • Use your turned our feet to look nice and use technical precision in your steps 
  • Use your hips as your power-house. When you use your hips in combination with your hard-working feet against the floor, the results are really quite incredible in accessing those free-flowing turns we are all searching for!
  • Use your spot (we will go over this later) to find where you are going
  • Don’t look down at your feet! Chins up!

I hope you enjoy this exercise, and that you feel how this can really push your control and agility in your turns. Sometimes, going back to a half turn can actually seem harder than attempting a double turn. The control that is necessary to do a half turn, change directions and right into another turn is no easy feat, but a great way to train agility and control. Often we think turning is all about power and being able to do as many turns as possible. I don’t see it that way. Train for control, balance and precision, because power is the easy part. You have to learn to control the power or else it will control YOU! But don’t worry, we will get to those double turns in no time and you will be dreaming of the long lost days of half turns ;).

My shoes today are my old faithfuls! These were my first pair of @burjushoes and I still love them to death, literally they are dying, but I can’t stop wearing them! These are the “Moonstone” and I find them to be so incredibly flattering (which is tough to do with my feet….trust me….only Burju can make that happen!). I love the way they make my legs look and they go with absolutely everything in my closet. They are feminine and just a little bit funky. AND they are comfortable! Love them!

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Written by: Isabel Freibeiger
Video by: Isabel Frieberger

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