Easy Ways for You to Approach a Man for a Dance

A few days after releasing the e-book called A Women’s Handbook for Salsa Dancing
I discovered 4 extra tips that would definitely help you get asked more on the dance floor.

4 BONUS Secrets for Attracting More Men to Take You Out on The Dance Floor


dont-ask16. DO NOT come out and ask a man if he’d like to dance.

You heard me. Do not come out and ask him if he’d like to dance. If you just come out and ask him, he’s put on the spot to give an immediate answer. He might be shocked that a woman asked him to dance and be speechless. You don’t want to risk this. It’s hard enough doing the asking, since there’s always a chance of rejection. So do not ever come out and ask a man directly if he wants to dance! Do it like this . . .



17. Just tell him.

just-say-itIt’s as simple as coming right out and saying, “I’d love to dance with you.” No more, no less. Most women have no trouble telling men what it is they want or would like to have, and men have gotten used to this. So when you come right out and tell a man what it is you want, you’re both on familiar ground.

Under the right circumstances, a lot of men enjoy giving a woman what she wants. So, in telling a man exactly what you want, you’re become more attractive in his eyes.

The ball is now in his court. He might take you by the hand and lead you out to the dance floor or he might simply say, “Yes of course, later,” and then come up to you later on. Or he could say, “Maybe later on,” and then disappear. If that’s the case, it’s no big embarrassment for either one of you.

If after doing all of this you are still not being asked to dance enough, you might . . .



18. Approach several men at once.

If you really want to make yourself appealing to a lot of men at a dance club or party, you can always do this: Approach a small group of attractive men and say, “I’d love to dance with you . . . you . . . you . . . and you too!” But, you’d better be ready for the fun that’s bound to follow! And I hope you’re not breaking in a pair of new shoes because you’re going to be doing a lot of dancing!

BUT, if you have your eye on one particular guy, this is what you can do that he is sure to find irresistible . . .


19. Lightly touch him while speaking softly.how-to-touch-a-guy-001-woman-touching-man-arm

Use these exact words every time, “I’d love to dance with you.” While saying that, touch him ever so lightly.

You can gently place your hand on his arm or with the tip of your forefinger, wiggle a button on his shirt – as you make eye contact and say, “I’d love to dance with you.” That will get his attention I guarantee it!

Now that you have 19 great ways to attract more men while out dancing, go out and have fun. The women I’ve known that have taken my advice and now have plenty of men asking them to dance are happier and more confident than they’ve ever been in their lives.

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Easy Ways for You to Approach a Man for a Dance