Good Lead but an average dancer

Is it possible to be a good Lead but an average dancer?

A lot of leads barely move their feet, can’t spin, do neigh styling and only know suzi q when it comes to shines but they are quite good leads because they still have a good sense of timing, and encyclopedic knowledge of moves and know how to execute them or get the follower to execute them well. On the other hand, and I would readily admit lack of knowledge here, followers couldn’t get away with what a lot of leads do. Most followers can style, shine and actually dance. I’m guessing that the competition among followers leads followers to be better dancers than leads, but that might just be my perception as one who predominantly leads. Or maybe leads are on the whole generally lazy and just do just enough to get them dances.

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But basically what I exploring here is; Is it possible to be a good lead, even an excellent one without actually being a good dancer? What are your thoughts?



Good Lead but an average dancer