Will Salsa Cliques Ever Rule the World?

As long as I have been dancing I have been hearing people talking about cliques. Even when we all danced Cuban there were apparently people in cliques, ie the London cliques, the advanced dancers cliques, etc. Will Salsa Cliques Ever Rule the World? Of late, the number of supposed cliques has mushroomed! There is the, On2 cliques, The On 1 cliques, The Traditionally Kizomba cliques, The fashionistas cliques, The Frenchies, The salsa Superstars cliques, Merengue cliques (Ok, I am kidding about that one but you never know).

How Salsa Cliques behave

What after all is a cliques but a bunch of friends hanging out together in a venue based on familiarity or common in interests no? Is that such a bad thing?

Often when the word clique is being bandied about it is usually in a derogative manner as if to imply that there is something divisive about these perceived cliques. Is this valid or is it all in the mind of the accuser(s)? All those being accused of being in cliques by others ( whether they are or not)is based on the fact that the hang out with the same bunch of people most of the time. So do cliques really existed and are they divisive to the a scene whether it be local scene or on the congress circuit?

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Is it not the case that one person cliques is another person hanging with me hommies? Maybe this just another manifestation of the ‘entitlement syndrome’, ie everyone has to hang out and talk to you because

  1. you are in the same venue and
  2. you are all dancers together?

Are you in a clique? Do you believe alsa cliques exist. What constitutes a cliques? Anyway what say ye Friday people?

Incidentally I have been hearing about cliques since middle school so maybe its human nature :p

Written by: Olu Olu

Will Salsa Cliques Ever Rule the World?