Inspired to Inspire

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Who, what, where, why, how DANCING inspires me:

I have experienced many amazing moments in my life with dancing being so meaningful, it has shaped me into the dancer I am today. Here is the Who, What, Where, Why and How DANCING has inspired me.

When I think about the people who have inspired me and pushed me to dance and to be better at it, there are many who come to mind, but the ones who inspire me to do what I do today are the ladies who are a part of my Lady Style classes and Feminine Difference as well as La Differncia teams – who continue to support me pursuing my passion as my full time career and who show limitless amounts of dedication and commitment to share in that passion. I think of my family and friends who are always there cheering me on and rooting for me to succeed – whether it be supporting me at my shows and performances or giving me simple words of encouragement, I use this as my fuel to go for it and to make it happen. There have also been many fellow female salsa dancers I look up to who inspire me to always keep learning and pushing for the next level. These dancers are Natalia Lopez Toledano, Jessica Quiles Hernandez and Karel Flores. These ladies are at the pinnacle of dancing in my eyes, and continue to inspire ladies all around the world with their own unique style.

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Inspired to Inspire