The Benefits of Dancing

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I absolutely love to dance. I live it as a lifestyle and it has been a massive driving force in my life since I was a little girl. I am extremely blessed to be able to follow my passion of dancing as a career and wake up every day knowing that I have the ability to spark the very same passion in others to follow their dreams and achieve beyond what they believe to be possible for their lives. Just thinking about what an amazing life I am able to live thanks to my dancing, I get eagerly excited to share it and its benefits with my fellow dancers, students, friends and family. There are countless benefits to taking up dancing as a hobby or performing in a team at socials and events, these are a few I feel are hugely beneficial to us as people:

1. Improved flexibility, strength and sense of well-being.
We all want to live good lives. We want to experience the best of everything in all areas of our lives and have a sense that things are going well. Flexibility and strength benefit us as our bodies feel strong and able to carry out the daily tasks presented to us as well as be nimble enough to not feel tense or in pain.

2. Keeps body and brain active, vital for people of every age.
No matter what age you are, body and brain activity promote growth in us as people. We need to keep moving, keep learning new things so that we feel alive and energetic to take on life. Dancing can be both physically and mentally demanding, but in a way which brings out the best in us.

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The Benefits of Dancing