Salsa Show Costumes: I’m too scantily clad for this stage!!!!

I forget how many shows I use to see where the Men are in three-piece suits with a Mac and the Ladies are in Bikinis! . Gratuitous Flesh Flash or Artistic Skin Display?

Salsa Show dancers - Shelina Donkers Salsa Show dancers

I hardly watch shows of late but this topic for discussion has been suggested to me on many occasions. So I thought I’d give it an airing. What do people think? Are some Salsa costumes getting too risqué and some shows should really come with a ‘PG’ rating or is this another case of unnecessary ‘controversy’. And, dare I say it, it smacks of so many isms!!!

What say ye?

(Disclaimer: I rarely watch ‘Salsa Shows’ so this is not directed at any particular individual or group. It’s just that I keep getting asked to make it a topic of discussion)

Written by: Olu Olu

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Salsa Show Costumes