Salsa Politics

Life cannot exist without politics because politics is a creation of day to day human social interactions. Therefore it should be no surprise that it exist within our dance community – Salsa Politics!!! When people talk about Salsa politics they’re often invariably referring to the negative effects on the dance community. It is sad though, that we tend to get drawn into this right from the beginning of our excursion into Salsa.

For example, instructors who bad mouths other instructors under the guide of giving impartial advice. I can say this from my own experience.


I am sure you all have stories on how your communities has become less fun by the preponderance on negative Salsa politics. Actually, I know of scenes that were once the “must visit” scenes, became the most wrecked scenes. All this because of such negative politics. Not just here in the UK but also on the Continent and across the pond.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it something we have to just accept as part of life and the evolution of the Salsa scene.

My experience is, and at the point of pointing out the blindingly obvious, that this is often caused by individuals whose egos far surpass their talents trying to influence the scene solely for their own benefit.

What has been your experience? Are some scenes completely free of negative ‘Salsa politics’?

Written by: Olu Olu

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Salsa Politics