The are a bunch of myths or lack of awareness that exists about salsa dancing!
In this list you will find a few that are still encouraged daily. But most of the are
just ‘misunderstandings’ newbies have when they get started in the the latin dance scene.

This list is actually not only for for Salsa dancers but also applies to
other latin dances including Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Tango etc.

1. You don’t need classes, mentorship, or training to become one of the best dancers.

2. Taking a lot of private classes is the only way to become a good dancer.

3. If you are not talented, you will never be a great dancer

4. I already know how to do that move

Amsterdam International Sasla Festival 4 nov 2017 workshops

5. Follows love leads with flashy moves

6. Leads love follows who dance sexy

7. You should never deny a dance, except you have a specific reason not to

Deny a dance - Drake

8. Great social dancers are great teachers

9. There’s only 1 right way to do something

10. Learning the opposite role will prevent you from improving.

11. All musicians that play Salsa can dance Salsa too

Do you have a myth you’d like to bust that’s not in the list? Have comments about some of the entries? Leave them below, and share the article!



Top 10 Myths about Salsa Dancers