5 Ways in Which Music Can Inspire Your Creative Side

Music is one of the most powerful tools that we have been capable of making. It can inspire people to do impossible tasks, things that they have never dreamt of doing! It is really hard sometimes to put a finger on how they can affect us in so many different ways. Music is a universal language that brings different messages to a lot of people. It has the ability to fire up a person from their lowest times or to bring a person down with a few musical lyrics.

Many famous thinkers and eminent personalities have vouched for the effectiveness of music in bringing out new inspirations. You might in fact be seeing a lot of people of all sorts of job profiles listen to innumerable songs. According to a lot of people music helps them to relax and calm them for the task at hand.

But can music really help you become even more creative? Do they have the ability to tickle your brain cells to think more to question the obvious?



1. Don’t expect to become a super creative person by listening to Mozart.
There have been numerous studies where the subjects listened to Mozart’s music and were then put to some tests. It was believed that it would increase the person’s spatial reasoning. The test actually worked but its effect lasted only until the duration of the test. So, a new hypothesis was that if you listened to Mozart every day for 20 minutes you would be the next genius. Unfortunately, this was not the case and the hypothesis was disapproved.
Music is not a one stop solution in which if you started listening to something, you will become extra creative. It simply does not work like that, and it is applicable to all types of music. Please don’t go about killing your individual taste of music just because of random hypothesizes.

2. Music can put you into a mind-wandering state.
Are there times in your day where you just freeze, forgetting the task at hand? During those times do you just keep gazing at nothing in particular? Do you feel distant and distracted to others? Well this is what scientists like to call the mind-wandering state! According to them this state allows you to generate new ideas allowing you to come up with creative solutions.

Well, guess what? Music is a great stimulant to enter this mode. Music helps your mind to relax and then allows you to think better without hinders. Sometimes you don’t even realize you have entered this mode. One moment you are busy doing a work and then the next second you think up of a solution to a seemingly impossible task you had before.

3. Music is effective when you don’t have to think about it.
Music has helped bring out new inspirations and creative ideas for ages. Now this does not mean you are playing the music at a volume that is blasting through the roof. Playing the music at low volume does not mean sacrificing your taste of music and playing some very soft instrumental music. Rather it is suggested to keep the music at a volume so that you can hear your thoughts. Keeping the volume reduced will allow you to think with much better clarity and perhaps even strike the elusive eureka moment.
Maintaining an upbeat tempo will keep your mind sharp and more receptive to different thinking. You can even try your hand at playing different instruments like piano, violin, Snare drums and many more.



4. Music acts like an anchor, moving through your memories.
Music has this unique ability to act as a weight in some situations and in others like a fast-moving hurricane. Music has the potential to tap into your inner selves and bringing out the lost part in you. All of this might even seem very unconventional and foolhardy but this is how it exists currently.

An anchor music that fills you with good vibes can be used frequently to bring your moods up. And when you are at your most comfortable and relaxed phase where you will notice your brain just getting ideas from thin air! Keep searching until you find that perfect song.

5. At the end of the day, it is your choice that matters.
If you want, I can tell you about the songs I listen to while writing this article, but it will not really help you. You need to work on creating a new songs playlist that suits your style and helps you in thinking better.
So go ahead and make the mistakes and compile the list that you really want.

Author Bio:
Ronald Ross is a musical instrument enthusiast. He likes to share his views on music through blogs on Loud Beats.

5 Ways in Which Music Can Inspire Your Creative Side