Day 10: Pirouette Prep – 5th position


So this is the same thing as yesterday just prepping the pirouette in 5th position rather than 4th.

These will likely feel much harder. As you can tell these are definitely hard for me too. That is why I love it. The same techniques apply, though, so make sure you are watching your alignment, your center, your abs, rib cage and shoulders. Also, be aware of your turnout and don’t try and turnout more than your hips allow, this is quite bad for your knees and will also mess up your technique because you are not aligned.

So, keeping today’s message short, try and keep these things in mind:

  • When you get to 5th position, keep BOTH heels down on the ground. That means both of your feet will be flat on the ground.
  • When you plié, or bend your knees, try and stay as centered as possible, bending both knees the same amount. Then push up onto your back standing leg as you bring the front leg up, toes to the knee and the arms in at center.
  • Take note of your alignment. Watch where your hips are facing, your arms, your feet, your shoulders. Try and keep things level and your weight centered over the back leg this time because that is the leg we will be going up on.
  • Keep your shoulders pressed down and back, your rib cage closed, abdominal engaged and booty tucked. Imagine you are wearing a corset that is lengthening you down your back and keeping you front side engaged. 
  • When you are up on one leg in pasé position (when you make a  4 with your legs) check and see if the muscle right below your bum is engaged. If not, then on your next one try and engage it, it will bring a lot of strength and stability to your standing leg.
  • Try five repetitions on each leg, holding your balance as long as possible on your last one. -Don’t be to hard on yourself if you are a little wobbly, this takes a lot of practice in order to gain stability and balance. Keep working on it.

Good luck! No shoes again. But we still love@burjushoes #salsaspins #salsachallenge #doyouburju #dance #danceeveryday