Day 9: Pirouette Prep – 4th Position


Day 9: Pirouette Prep – 4th Position

Uhhh Ohhhh the pirouette’s are here! Now I know this may seem like a cruel addition to the challenge to some of you, but honestly I have gotten quite a few requests to teach these. I am not going to pretent to be a ballet or jazz instructor, but since starting salsa I have done my fair share of dabbling in other dance forms and I have always loved technical classes because of the bennefits I see in my dancing as a result. SO, get your butts into some dance classes, there is nothing like REAL LIFE in person classes :). But I really do love you guys for doing this challenge.

OK so, this is just the prep, but like everything, if you are not steady in the preparation of a movement, you will likely not be steady or comfortable in what comes next. Preparation is necessary, so if you want to master pirouettes or at least feel confident in them, TRAIN your preps!

These preps are going to challenge your balance, your strength, your endurance and your allignment. Keep all of those things in mind while you do this, because if you can get a handle on them, then you are well on your way to successful pirouettes