Day 11: Half Pirouettes – 4th and 5th positions


The theme for today is LESS IS MORE. Just because now we are actually turning in the piroutte does not mean that everything we just worked on goes out the window. In order to add the turn we really don’t have to do anything different. The ONLY thing I want you to add today is a half spot. That means, when you go from the plié of your prep into the relevé (standing on the ball of your foot on one leg) just spot behind you as you go up. That is really all the force you need to get you around. I promise! For a half turn that is ALL you need. Do not add more power because it will just throw you off balance. Control, control, control. That is all we are looking for here.


  • Keep attention in your alignment and that your weight is centered over the turning leg.
  • Keep the heels down during your plié
  • Engage your core, booty, legs and press the shoulders down.
  • Level your shoulders and your head for a nice clean spot.
  • Don’t push off with too much power, just a little goes a long way.

I find it helpful to wear socks with my heels exposed (so its not too slippery) if I don’t have my ballet shoes on me. If you have jazz or ballet shoes these are great to practice with.

Repeat the exercises from the last two days before you go into the half turns. Then try and repeat 6-8 turns on each side for each position (right and left for 4th and 5th). In each half turn try and see how long you can hold your balance after the turn before returning the other foot to the ground. This is an excellent exeercise in balance and control.

Good luck!

Dont forget how awesome @burjushoes is for sponsoring the challenge. I know you guys will be beggin’ for those 3 and 4 inch stilletos by the time we are done with these pirouettes!!

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