Day 24: Salsa Prep Spin Drills

So, I recorded this in my gym earlier, a very conscious decision because my floor in my apartment is REALLY NOT LEVEL. Lol, but as it turns out I was practically out of the frame the whole time and didn’t check it until I was already out of the gym.
Sooooo, I had to do this on a downhill floor. So please excuse some of the travelling…these are meant to be in place! Ok, now for the serious stuff. Today’s challenge is Spin Drills. I know they aren’t fun, trust me I did them on an uneven floor…no good. BUT, they have to be done. These drills are such a good way to train pretty much EVERYTHING we have worked on so far in terms of balance, spotting, stability, technique, etc. So, just do them. It is like taking yucky spin medicine that after you take it, your spins are all better ūüėČ
Ok, so you have to take it every day for months, but still, it’s good for you! Go back to refresh all the prep-spin techniques and go from there. ¬†
Try this sequence with NO BASICS in between:
  • Prep Right – single right spin Prep Left – single left spin Prep Right – double right spin Prep Left – double left spin And if you are courageous….
  • Prep Right – triple right spin Prep Left – triple left spin If you can’t do multiples yet, don’t fret. Stick with the singles but do them back to back to back, right and left.

Good luck, try to have fun or just get through it. I had a moment….lol. Check it out in the previous video.

Shoes are @burjushoes“Moonstone”

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Written by: Isabel Freibeiger
Video by: Isabel Frieberger

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