Day 3: Left Turn

Also known as a broken left turn, this is the next fundamental turn we will be working on for the challenge.Like the right turn, mastering this technique will surely benefit your dancing.
The left turn makes use of a more advanced pivoting motion and change in direction than the right turn, so don’t get frustrated if you find your balance harder to access in this turn. That is completely normal. As in the right turn, the left turn starts with the forward break in our basic ( on your 2 step if your are dancing on2 or on the 5 step if you are dancing on1).
Try your best to step the forward break fully before pivoting back into the left turn. In the second variation I show here, I simply complete half the pivot back to the left, pump fake to the right before completing the left turn. Make sure to use your steps and weight transfers to stay balanced, remain on beat and stay controlled.
  • Keep the toes turned out.
  • Transfer your weight fully for each step.
  • Keep your steps small, controlled and close together on your pivots.
  • Maintain good alignment through your spine for ease in balance.
Enjoy and have fun! Post any version of your left turn that you wish. It doesn’t have to be the same as mine. Or you can just post a picture to show me that you worked on it. Happy turning!!
My shoes are @burjushoes “Onyx.” This is one of my all time favorite styles. They are comfortable, supportive and super stylish!
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