Day 2: Right turn

The right turn is likely one of the most basic turns in our beautiful salsa vocabulary.
But I say, don’t let the basics bore you. We have to truly master the basics and fundamental in order to become truly strong dancers. This is especially true with spins. Master your basic turns and your spins are sure to benefit from it. Here I show three simple variations on the basic right hand turn.  On the second and third variation I simply initiate the turn from a side basic rather than a front basic.
Tips to keep in mind:
  • Keep those beautiful tootsies turned out 🙂
  • Be sure to engage the abdominals and avoid sticking out the booty (centered alignment = balance = ease in your turns and spins)
  • Try to really push through the floor with each step while also remembering to pick up your feet to fully transition your weight from one step to the next. (Lazy feet = lazy turns)
  • Smile and have fun! We are dancing!!
When I train my turns I like to do about 3 sets of at least 5 in a row (no basic step in between), ten if I’m feeling really ambitious. When you feel your feet start to burn and get tired you know you are training hard!
Let’s do this! I look forward to seeing your right turns!
My beautiful shoes are @burjushoes “La Alemana”
#salsaspins salsachallenge #doyouburju