Isabel’s “Feelin’ Good” Signature turn!!!
Woooohooooo!!!! WE MADE IT! This moment is bittersweet. On the one hand, ITS OVER ūüôā and on the other hand, its over :(.
We have all worked SO hard this month and I truly hope that you guys feel a difference in your turns. Or at the very least I hope you feel that you have created a new habit of dancing and training your craft every day. That is so important! I really would love to hear you HONEST opinion on this challenge and everything that went along with it. I plan on doing more, so of course I want to make it the best experience for YOU!
So, if you wish to offer feedback just send me a quick email at with what you loved, hated, want for next time! Don’t hold back, I want the truth. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! OK. So we have reached the surprise turn.
My signature move from my first solo routine. This turn is challenging, but SO rewarding and SO much fun. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Just start the turn with the STRAIGHT leg double spiral from yesterday. Once you have almost reached the front on the second turn (or the first if you are only doing 1) you simply lift the straightened leg to about 90 degrees and hop three times on the standing leg. Try not to swing your leg around, just simply lift. DO NOT hop and turn at the same time. The hopping happens once the turning is DONE!
Get sassy and have fun!