Day 29: Turn Stops


I can’t believe we have almost made it to the end! Let’s finish strong!!

Ok so turn stops have to be one of my favorite things of all time. Sure, anyone can do a spin or a turn, but a lot of times how you get out of it is what really makes an impact. This is a wonderfully musical way to hit a beat in the music or even the end of a song.

Play around with all kinds of creative and even silly ways to end a turn. One of my go-to techniques that I show first is to stick out my non-spinning foot to the side to get a sharp, clean and fierce stop. It is easy, simple and effective. Give this one a try and then explore other things from there. I also show a variation where I turn and then sharply hop both of my feet open to where my weight is centered between both feet in a powerful pose.

Think of it this way, if you can do these super hot and interesting stops on your own, imagine the amazing and creative things you can do with a partner. Be careful not to back- lead, though. UNLESS you just have to hit that beat. I am certainly guilty of taking over the lead on rare occasions when I just need to hit something in the music that I feel my partner may miss. But I do this very rarely, priority number one is to always follow, and be musical within those terms.

Have fun! I love these, and am always looking for inspiration for something new. That is why I love things like this challenge. We are building an online community of support, inspiration, growth and training. Our own little salsa inspiration family…let’s not let it die after the challenge ends! If you ever want to share something with me on instagram or facebook, just tag me and use the hashtag #dancewithisa or #dancewithisafreiberger and we can keep sharing our struggles, inspirations and successes!

Love you guys!!!

Shoes are @burjushoes “Moonstone”

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Written by: Isabel Freibeiger

Video by: Isabel Frieberger

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